About the Artist

I’ve driven hundreds of miles to make photographs that may or may not make the cut. To make a photograph the scene has to grab me in a sensory way that inspires me so much I have to photograph it.

Some themes have emerged as I evolve.  Things Left Behind is a life long series that is complex, mysterious, and sometimes quirky. Becky Senf, chief curator at the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona has said of one of my images as apocalyptic. I also enjoy working in the studio producing high quality whimsical production work as in my Chew Toy and Candy series.

The Desert series is a series of landscape images in and around the Sonora and Mohave Deserts. This Desert series explores the landscape with compositions involving solitude and isolation in an extreme environment.

In the Forest series, the images are from the National Forests of Arizona. All my work is a continuing theme but when looking closely at the Forest and Desert series there’s a common theme.  I come from an editorial background so I try to shoot storytelling images.  They may be personal to me but I hope they transcend the imagination where you understand my narrative or maybe you can create your own.